Knowing some of the basics of #GIMP…

In whatever we do, it’s always best to know the basics.  We may not be professionals who do image editing for a living but there are times wherein we also need to do some basic editing on some of our images. 

One of the most common functions that many of us do is Cropping.  Filipinos love taking pictures but we do not always get the image that we want. There are times that we need to remove some unnecessary portions or to get a specific part instead. 

Let us find out how to Crop, Resize, and Save a file using GIMP. 

Once you have opened Gimp, it will automatically show the Toolbox. Get the image that you want to crop by clicking on File -> Open. Then click on the Crop tool button in the Toolbox, which looks like a scalpel blade, to select it (Figure 1). 

Figure 1


To use the crop tool, place the icon on the part where you want to start cropping then drag it, while pressing the left mouse button, to where you want the other point to be (covering the whole area that you want to be cropped) then release the mouse button. You will see a preview of the cropped image (Figure 2) with the necessary drag handles so that you can still adjust it to the way you want it to be.  Once you are done adjusting it, just click Crop on the dialog that automatically appears. 

Figure 2


The cropped image will then replace the original picture (Figure 3).  It may appear small and needs to be resized.  To do this, just click on Image Size on the Image tab of the Image window.  Change the width and height to your desired size and click Scale (Figure 4). 

Figure 3


Figure 4


Once everything is done, all that is left to do is to Save your file!  Never forget to save your work or else…. Saving can be done in the middle of the process to avoid losing your work in the midst of doing it. GIMP uses Control+S as the keyboard shortcut for saving an existing file. But if you will be saving a new file, you should use File -> Save As.  A separate dialog will appear, which will also let you choose an image format for your file (Figure 5).  In this case, I chose a jpg format. Then click Save

Figure 5


And voila! You now have a new image file with your cropped image (Figure 6). 

Figure 6: Finished product


Now we all know how to crop, resize, and save a file! We’ll have more functions in improving digital photos in the coming days.


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