Text to Path @ #GIMP

Hey everyone!

Our lesson for today is a very simple text effect. If you’re tired of having your text in vertical and horizontal lines, then it’s time to make your text follow any path that you want.

After you’ve opened a new image, create a path that you want using the Path Tool (Figure 1).  Open the path dialog and click on the eye icon to see the path.

Figure 1: Creating a path

Once you’re done with your desired path, type in the words you would like to run along your path with the use of Text Tool (Figure 2).

Figure 2: Typing the words with Text Tool

Then click on “text along path” in the “Tool options” (Figure 3).  You should get a red/pink outline of your text aligned with your path (Figure 4). You can delete the original text layer if you want to.

Figure 3: The Text Along Path

Figure 4

After which, go to the path dialog and right click the text path and select “Path to selection” (Figure 5).

Figure 5: Path To Selection

The pink stuff around your text will still be there but you can remove that by clicking the eye icon beside your Text Path in the Path Dialog.

Now you can add a new layer and fill it with color using the Paint Bucket Tool or Gradient Fill.  Or just play with it!  See what I decided to make out of my text.

Smile!!! 😉

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2 Responses to “Text to Path @ #GIMP”

  1. hey, nice tutorial Ela! =)

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