Creating a sketch effect out of your photo #GIMP

I found a tutorial that makes a photo looks like a painted sketch.  Honestly, I was unable to achieve his final output but I was able to discover something else.  My picture still looks like a sketch but is somewhat different.  Let’s begin!

1. Choose an image that you want to convert into a sketch.  I chose a picture of me stuck in a traffic. lol…

click image to enlarge

2.  Right click on the original image and select duplicate layer.  Then we will apply a Sobel Edge Detect on the duplicate layer.  Right click on the image then select Filters -> Edge-Detect -> Sobel.

click image to enlarge

3.  Afterwhich, we need to bring out the detail with the auto-equalize and then convert it to grey. To do this, select Colors -> Auto -> Equalize then Colors -> Desaturate to make it grey.  Rename the layer to Equalized Edge.

Auto Equalized


4. We need to eliminate edges with small magnitude and keep the strong edges.  The way to do this is through the Curves tool.  Duplicate the Equalized Edge layer then right click on the image then select Colors -> Curves. Set the curve type to free (which allows discontinuities),  and then for the bottom 3/4 of the curve (or thereabouts) to 0.  Drag the mouse/pen along the bottom of the curves tool.  Rename the layer to Highpass.

click image to enlarge

after the highpass

5.  Then duplicate the Equalized Edge layer and name it Masked layer. Make sure it is placed above the Highpass layer.  Right click on it then select Colors -> Invert.  Select the Highpass layer, click Edit -> Copy. Go back to the Masked layer then right click on it and select Add layer mask.  Select the mask and click Edit -> Paste. Hide the Highpass and Equalized Edge layers by clicking on the eye icon beside the layers.  Your layers should look like the one below.

click image to enlarge

You should have something like the one below.

click image to enlarge

You now have a sketch effect. You can already stop at this point if you already like what you got.  But if you want a colored sketch effect, then add a new layer and place it above your original image. Then change the mode (found above the layers dialog box) from normal to overlay. You should have something like this.

click image to enlarge

So we now have two sketch effects!  Hope you like them!

Or you can also have a painted sketch effect from my source.


5 Responses to “Creating a sketch effect out of your photo #GIMP”

  1. The effect is very good, i think it would have been better, if you had applied oilify on the original image and then make it visible, to have a patchy painted effect.

  2. Hi Ela! I like this one too, I just recommended it to someone. Now I can send people here! Hey do you know of a tutorial on how to paint on photos?

    ~Great job! =D

    • itsmeela Says:

      thanks! there are tutorials where u can turn you photos into paintings but i think that’s not what you are after?

  3. I dont think that was what he wanted to do but thanks! =)

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