Making a fake tattoo with #GIMP

I personally don’t like tattoos. I mean I respect people with tattoos but I would never have one. If you’re one of those people who can’t afford to have a real tattoo, you can now have a fake one added to your image. I’ve encountered a tutorial about it and it’s so easy.

Here’s how to do it.

1. Open the image of the person you want to work on. Then open the image of the tattoo as layer and place it on the body part where you want it. Resize and rotate the tattoo as you want it just like the one below.

click image to enlarge

2.  With the tattoo layer activated, select Layer -> Layer to Image Size to make it the same size as the photo layer.

click image to enlarge

3.  With the tattoo layer still selected, choose Filters -> Map -> Displace. The layer selected in both X and Y displacements should be your subject or the layer that contains the person’s image. I used 5 for both X and Y but it would also depend on your images. Then click OK when you are done.

click image to enlarge

click image to enlarge

After you’ve done the above, your photo should look like the one below. Look how it holds onto the contours of the nose.

click image to enlarge

4. Finally, set your tattoo layer to Multiply mode, adjust the opacity to your liking and we’re done! You may also want to try other layer blend modes and use what you prefers.

click image to enlarge


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7 Responses to “Making a fake tattoo with #GIMP”

  1. Hi ELa!
    I wouldn’t have a tattoo either…even if I did want one I hate needles! –Cool tutorial though, that kind I might try =)

    • itsmeela Says:

      i know! me too! but aside from my fear of needles, my other reason is i might not be able to transfer my blood if someone needs it. go try it! it’s so easy.. 😉

  2. try to implement a displacement map so the tattoo will follow the contour of the face… I’m not sure how to implement that in GIMP but it should be possible to do so.

    • itsmeela Says:

      i did the displacement’s on the #3 step. di lang siguro obvious but if u will look closely, it kinda followed the contour of the nose..

  3. Have you tried bump mapping the logo onto the layer of the picture? it would come up with excellent results.

    • itsmeela Says:, i didn’t try bump mapping but i will now! thanks for that!

    • actually bump mapping the logo onto the layer containing the face would result in the logo being grooved in the skin, which would look more realistic. After that for colour you can lay the logo on the same location. I guess this would work (because i have not tried before commenting), but as far as i remember from my experiments it should get good results.

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