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Lomography Effect in #GIMP

Posted in GIMP with tags , , , , , on 06/19/2010 by itsmeela

Hey guys!

I just tried a very very easy and quickly done lomography effect on my photos. Everybody can do it in just a sec.

1. Open your image in GIMP.

click image to enlarge

2.  Select Colors -> Curves and make adjustments to change the colors.  Click on the Channel arrow tab to change channels. Then do an ‘S’ curves on all channels (value, red, green) except for the blue channel. Please see a sample of an ‘S’ curve below.

click image to enlarge

Then do the opposite ‘S’ curve for the blue channel as shown below.

click image to enlarge

3.  Duplicate your layer. Then select Colors -> Map -> Gradient Map (make sure your foreground and background colors are black and white). Then set the layer mode to Overlay and lessen the opacity to 50%.

click image to enlarge

4.  Add a new layer and name it ‘border’. Then select the blend tool with FG to transparent gradient, shape: radial. Then click on the arrow to reverse the shades.  Stroke it across the image as shown below.

click image to enlarge

Then set the opacity to 50%. And we’re done!!!

Before and After

Another output:

Thanks again to my source!

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